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Surface Guardian was created to offer consumers professional high-end products that will restore, enhance and provide surface protection, regardless of the material. 

Over the past 40 years, our team of professionals have developed protective coatings that work on 150 porous surfaces. 

The key to our ongoing success is we have developed comprehensive compounds that actually open up the existing pores and remove any imperfections or impurities within that surface. 

Our products and processes will add years of protection and will release new vibrant colors and depth to the surfaces protected.


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From elegant marble countertops to rugged construction machinery, Surface Guardian’s advanced coating technology is meticulously formulated to safeguard and enhance over 150 porous surfaces. Experience unparalleled protection and aesthetic enhancement, whether it’s in your home, vehicle, or workplace, with our scientifically proven, versatile coating solutions. Below are just a few of the different kinds of surfaces that Surface Guardian can protect.



Our advanced formula not only accentuates the natural beauty of surfaces like marble but also provides a durable shield against stains and wear, ensuring lasting brilliance and sophistication.



Our advanced treatment not only preserves the rich, organic beauty of wood but also fortifies it against scratches, moisture, and daily wear, ensuring your hardwood remains timeless and resilient.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Our advanced 3-stage non-corrosive formula is specifically designed to combat corrosion and rust, extending the lifespan and maintaining the structural integrity of critical infrastructure.



Our state-of-the-art formula provides an invisible shield against scratches, smears, and environmental wear, ensuring your glass surfaces remain pristine and clear, whether they're in high-traffic areas or exposed to the elements.
Surface Guardian protects

Industries Represented by Surface Guardian


Cars, Motorcycles, Trucks,
and Other Vehicles


Granite surfaces
Counters, walls, floors


Devices, Stainless Surfaces,
Specialized Instruments


Boats, Gelcoat, Fiberglass,
Brite Work, Wind Screen


Refrigerators, Stoves, Microwaves,


Residential and Commercial


Cloth, Leather, Suede, Vinyl
and other fabrics


Instruments, Equipment, Screens,

It's Not Magic. It's Science.

Surface Guardian’s breakthrough lies in its advanced Nano Ceramic/Acrylic Resin technology, a pioneering approach that fundamentally transforms surface protection.

Our coatings consist of a unique blend of three different silica structures, each meticulously engineered to bond at a molecular level, creating a robust and enduring protective layer.

This innovative coating delves deep into the substrate’s pores, not just lying atop, ensuring an impenetrable barrier against wear, solvents, and environmental factors.

With a focus on nanotechnology, Surface Guardian’s treatments achieve an exceptional balance of hydrophobic (water-repellent) and oleophobic (oil-repellent) properties, maintaining the surface’s pristine condition.

The result is a scientifically proven, high-performance coating that enhances surface strength, durability, and appearance, transcending traditional methods to offer superior, long-lasting protection.


SG1 Blade Coating

Frequently Asked Questions

SG1 is a new revolutionary coating for ice skate blades.

SG1 can enhance the performance of skaters performance through its unique properties.

SG1 coating strengthens the material of the blade, leading to better energy transfer and maneuverability on the ice.

SG1 is sprayed on both sides and bottom of the blade, allowed to set for 1 minute, then gently rubbed down with applicator pad. Skate guards are then put on allowing the coating to set up at a minimum of 2 hours prior to hitting the ice.

Application should happen after skates are sharpened. Blade strength will increase over time with continued use of SG1 coating.

SG1 retail price is $20.00 plus shipping and handling. It will arrive in a kit with a QR code sticker so that will lead customers to an instructional video on how the application process is done. It is possible to get up to 3 applications before needing to reorder.

Our launch time frame is the sometime in February/March 2024 online and in select locations in the St. Louis, Missouri area.

Amazing Hockey Coatings

Surface Guardian Hockey Coatings

Just about every hockey facility uses plexi/tempered glass as a see-through barrier between the players and the fans.

The problem:

Plexi/tempered glass although two different surfaces are porous and is subject to scratches along with hard smudges. It doesn’t take long before hockey fans are looking through deep scratches and a splattering of black puck marks.

The Old Solution:

Most facilities staff would spend countless hours each year attempting to clean glass either in place or remove it to clean and polish with less than amazing results. Suppliers of the glass would only offer temporary solutions with only products that strip the glass of its manufactured properties resulting in a more porous surface.

Our Solution:

The plexi/tempered glass stays in place as we apply our process reducing your time and efforts significantly.

You will be stunned at how clean, clear, and knowing your glass will stay this way for years to come!

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